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Measurement of continuous casting plant

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Do you need an experienced partner for industrial 3D metrology for new construction, modernization or maintenance of your continuous casting plant? The sigma3D team brings together over 20 years of comprehensive engineering knowledge, practical know-how and state-of-the-art technology!
We provide you with comprehensive advice throughout all project phases and develop an optimal concept for your plant even for the most difficult challenges.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Precise design of the continuous casting plant according to design values and tolerance specifications
  • Minimization of transition errors
  • Parametric structure of a 3D-CAD solid
  • Time-efficient execution and minimal downtime

In this way you benefit from a general increase in the quality and cost-effectiveness of your steel production.


Continuous casting stands for a constant process in industrial production in which liquid metal is cast into a strand.

The exact strand is guided by groups of rollers, which are arranged in different geometric configurations depending on the type of plant. Especially for high-quality products such as slabs, the geometrically precise arrangement of the rollers is crucial. Even the smallest deviations lead to cost-intensive production errors.

The quality of the steel itself can also be improved by exact measurements. Movement and vibration of the slab are reduced to a minimum by an optimal casting radius. The result? The steel cools more evenly, has a uniform thickness and ultimately a higher quality. And: An ideally adjusted plant allows you to cast the slab even with extremes in width and thickness.

The precise measurement of plant components is therefore highly relevant to the quality of your steel production if you want to maintain, modernize or completely rebuild your continuous casting plant.


Whether measuring a continuous casting plant, course measurement of a strand, segment measurement or mould alignment - we rely on a 3D-coordinate determination by angle and distance measurement, laser tracker and tachymeter for our measurements. The 3D-information for each individual measuring point allows a much higher precision compared to the traditional measurement with a theodolite and string.

And: Especially the segment measurement with FEM correction (Finite Element Method) requires a high-precision positioning to the trailing edge strand of +/- 0.1 mm - and is only possible by using 3D measuring technology.

If we measure your entire plant according to our 3D-measuring concept and take the FEM data into account when setting the support surfaces, the time-consuming measurement to the trailing edge string in the assembled state is no longer required. Measuring transitions, measuring segments by hand, pulling, adjusting, reinserting and measuring again - all this becomes redundant and you save time and costs.

Even with only partial measurements you still benefit from faster assembly, as the contact surfaces do not have to be re-measured several times for adjustment.

  • Overdetermined, redundant measurements to ensure and determine measurement accuracy
  • The high weighting of the neighbourly relations of the segments
  • Priority 1: Avoiding transition errors
  • Priority 2: global accuracy of the installation
  • Self-referencing concept - a quick measurement of complete continuous casting plants without removing the top frames


Thanks to the latest 3D measuring technology, we achieve a measuring accuracy in the range of 1/10 millimetre over the entire measuring volume when measuring your continuous casting plant. Depending on the type of plant, the latter is approximately 15 x 5 x 12 metres.


From marking anchor bolts and base plates to segment measurement and complete measurement of new or existing plants - with sigma3D you have a central partner for all measurement tasks in the field of new construction, maintenance and modernization of your continuous casting plant.

  • Alignment of plant components according to design specifications (position and tolerance)
  • Sol plates, support frame, segment support surfaces, base frame Oscillation, oscillation, mould mounting
  • Segmental images with FEM correction to the trailing edge (HK) of the strand, for mapping the perfect casting radius
  • Roller carpet of the individual segments (HD LASr) in advance at the manufacturer of the segments
  • Mould Alignment
  • Measuring the course of the roller carpet
  • Alignment stands for segments and moulds in the workshop


Our team carries out all necessary measurements for the precise construction of your continuous casting plant according to construction values and tolerance specifications. With the help of our protocols, you will be able to see that your plant is being built exactly as planned.

Also, you receive precise measurement data on the current state of the casting radius along its entire length. We not only ensure that the trailing edge of the strand is perfect, but also that no transition errors occur within and between the segments. This reduces the risk of a breach - and thus the risk of weeks of downtime due to liquid steel leaking into the plant.

  • Measurement of individual system components
  • Staking out, setting up and adjusting abutment points on concrete foundations
  • Measuring and setting up the segment support surfaces
  • Measuring of the roller carpet
  • Fitting of the mould


If you are modernising your continuous casting plant in order to bring your steel production up to the latest state of the art, we will support you on site with professional 3D measuring technology.

  • Determination of the reference coordinate system, calibration of the existing plant components, adjustment if necessary
  • Staking out and setting up and adjusting abutment points on concrete foundations
  • Adaptation of new plant components to the current situation


We support you in all metrological challenges when you want to maintain your continuous casting plant as well as during downtimes.

  • Measuring and setting up the segment support surfaces
  • Measuring of the roller carpet
  • Aligning the fitting of the mould/chill
  • Measurement of segment transitions
  • Measurement of individual plant components (segments)


Our team has a long history of experience and know-how in the field of measurement of continuous casting plants. Thanks to this very high level of expertise, we can usually start measuring in your plant within three days after order placement and project analysis.

On-site, we are at your service with a two-person team, equipped with laser trackers and the SpatialAnalyzer software. In consultation with you, the components are then positioned and adjusted according to the CAD model or drawing in cooperation with the fitters. Depending on your wishes and requirements, all measurements are carried out in a local network or via transformation into a superordinate system.

Depending on which components are to be measured, we usually need three weeks per line until the measurements are completed - starting with the base plates (sol plates) of the support frames, the support frames, the pins (segmental fixtures), base frame oscillation, oscillation and mould fixture.

Are you looking for a professional measurement solution for new construction, modernization or maintenance of your continuous casting plant? Contact us - we are happy to advise you personally and find an individual solution for you!