The office building of the Mainz location

Subsidiary in Mainz of sigma3D at new location

The company sigma3D has been known in the measurement industry for 19 years for qualitative and precise measurements. For this reason, the company is growing steadily. To continue to meet the requirements, to optimize them and to offer the employees a more innovative working atmosphere, the company is now moving.

sigma3D planned the new building in Mainz-Ebersheim, Am Kesseltal 12, since 2014, and now the new office building is completed, and ready to move in.

The bright and spacious rooms not only create a better working atmosphere for our employees - but we can also welcome our customers and suppliers here in a representative environment", says managing director Heiko Paluszek.

With the building, sigma3D creates more possibilities and space for in-house measurements and can, therefore, offer its customers even more flexible service and more accurate measurements. This, in particular, gives regional companies the advantage of large-volume wage measurements. For example, the premises have enough space to measure parts with up to two cubic meters with a laser to an accuracy of 0.02 millimetres.

The new measuring laboratory is designed and optimized according to the specific requirements for precision measurements. By, installing a special insulation in the walls, the temperature remains steadily stable and the appropriate foundation structure has created a vibration-resistant and resilient floor. These two factors now enable sigma3D to even more precise measures. The unique insulation of the walls keeps the ideal temperature for the measurement constant. With the specialized foundation construction, an even more stable level has been created and allows sigma3D to make even more accurate measurements than before. Additionally, sigma3D can now improve test equipment monitoring in the new measurement laboratory, thanks to the new in-house calibration. For the customers, this indicates a steadily high level of measuring equipment, and thus a guaranteed higher measuring quality.

The managing director Heiko Paluszek attached high importance not only to the innovative measuring laboratory but also to a good climate balance and had the whole building constructed according to the latest environmental regulations. So, the most modern photovoltaic system was installed.

Paluszek: "The company's goal is to become completely energy neutral in the future. Therefore, we have prepared e-charging stations for our customers, employees and the future vehicle fleet. The cornerstone for an emission-free future of sigma3D was laid".