The corona crisis in China is slowly coming to an end

On Monday, 30.03.2020, the employees in China ended the quarantine period in the hotel and are officially allowed to work again. The daily work is carried out under the conditions of the local hygiene regulations. For the employees, this implies working with a mask and regular disinfection.

For the first measurements, several teams were deployed, which alternated in a 2-week cycle. After their 2-week shift, each team went into quarantine for another 2-weeks to prevent possible infections.

"Fortunately, times like these, as bad as they are, pass, and we can resume our work. The work provides us with a bit normality and everyday life", states managing director Heiko Paluszek.

sigma3D is optimistic about the future of the company and is hoping for a quick improvement of the situation worldwide. The prerequisite is that the health of our employees, as well as of our customers and partners, is guaranteed.