Why it's worth the effort: Certified 3D measurement service 2023

Zertifizierungen sind wichtig für Unternehmen und ihr Image. Denn sie zeigen, dass ein Unternehmen seine Qualität sicherstellen kann und die Kundenzufriedenheit steigt.

Certification is a process that requires companies to meet certain standards and procedures. This process is designed to ensure that companies comply with relevant regulations and adhere to standards.

For the new year, we have also received the seal of approval from Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology GmbH as a "Certified 3D Measurement Service 2023" and are pleased to continue offering the following certified services:

Measuring software - GOM Inspect Pro / TRITOP

  •     Alignments, zero point systems and local coordinate systems
  •     Inspection characteristics plan (PMI) - evaluation of components based on design drawings
  •     Shape and position | GD&T - evaluation according to DIN EN ISO | ASME
  •     Shapes for surface profiles and line profiles
  •     Classify and visualise surface defects
  •     Presentation and analysis of results