When culture is measured

In the case of sigma3D, measuring sometimes means getting unusual objects in front of the measuring apparatus.

With its 6.6 meters, the stone protrudes beyond the hilly landscape and is the focus of many researches for about 5,000 years, who try to get to the bottom of its significance. Scientists still disagree on the exact meaning of the menhir, but it is associated with prehistoric ancestor worship.

The menhir is located in Blieskastel and has become a landmark of the town with its exposed position at the edge of the town area.

Due to the artistic fact, sigma3D challenge was to scan the stone without high cost and effort, which was difficult, mainly because of the entire height. The data were then merged, and a 3D model developed.

Due to the area accuracy and colour-fastness required by the customer, it was decided in advance to scan the stone with a Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) and to take expanding images with a UAV.

How the replica looks like and what the customer himself has to say about it will follow in the next months!