Photogrammetriemessung eines Radioteleskope


Photogrammetry is one of the measurement methods that combines different methods and techniques. As a result, an object is determined in its three-dimensional form. By means of special measuring cameras, many measuring points can be captured quickly. sigma3D relies on its partner AICON 3D Systems, among others, in this area.

Measuring volume:

The measuring volume is scalable depending on the application. It ranges from assemblies from the automotive industry, such as a door, to large objects from wind energy, such as rotor blades.

Accuracy of measurement:

The accuracy of photogrammetry depends on several factors. The distribution of the measuring points, the number and position of the measuring images and the environmental parameters play an important role. Depending on the application, accuracies of 10µm/m to 20µm/m can be achieved.


In the field of photogrammetry sigma3D relies on the 3D Studio of the company AICON. With this software it is possible, among other things, to transfer the measurement images directly online to the PC and evaluate them. The evaluation ranges from simple point determination to complete deformation analysis over several exhibition periods.

Data exchange:

Data exchange is possible via e-mail, ftp server or directly on site. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to send it by post and CD data carrier. The latest measuring technology, software and our expertise offer you a highly accurate and digital truth.