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Trust is not won.
You have to earn it.

Trust plays an important role in measuring services. In order for you and your company to benefit from the technological innovations, you not only need the right measuring instruments and information, but also a solid basis of trust. This is exactly what we stand for at sigma3D.

Since 2001 we have continuously expanded and improved the basis to our customers. Our company has benefited from this with steady growth and now employs over 60 qualified technicians and engineers, more than 15 of them are in China. Mutual trust and our application experience form the basis for successful cooperation.

Lasertracker Tastkugel | SMR (spherical mounted mirror)

Facts about sigma3D

Over 11,500 projects speak a clear language. We are the measurement service provider in Germany that shines through its technical know-how, the large selection of measurement technology, its high flexibility and well-structured processes.

No project is too small or too large for us, we are happy to receive individual enquiries as well as regular projects from "large-scale" metrology. With us, you are choosing a partner at eye level who will help you move forward with your projects and with whom you can tackle the upcoming challenges with peace of mind because you can rely on each other!

As colleagues in a surveying engineering office, the 3 later business partners Frank Mönsters, Heiko Paluszek and Peter Voßbeck got to know each other and decided to put their passion for industrial surveying into a joint company.


"After the insolvency of our previous employer, it was clear to all three of us that we would like to continue working in this very exciting environment. So we founded our own 3-man company to continue doing what we burn for and what we do best!", says managing director Heiko Paluszek


The decision was rewarded very quickly and the similarities and contrasts of the three personalities have brought the company far forward. Customers were convinced of the efficiency of the new company and new employees were found and new competences gained.

Peter Voßbeck later left the company for family reasons, but what remains are the basic characteristics with which he helped to shape the company. Heiko Paluszek and Frank Mönsters continued the development of the company and brought it to where it is today.

With the expansion of the company and the accompanying staff expansion, other qualifications could be promoted and expanded in addition to the original precision measurements with laser trackers.

Thus, 3D scanning, component measurement in the company's own measuring room and measurement in the field of terrestrial laser scanning were added to the existing range of services.

Since 2010, everything from small components to large production halls can be measured economically and with high precision.

Shortly after that, due to cooperations and patents, the software development emerged from an initial idea. In addition to the development of a comprehensive software package for the measurement of steel plants (internal link to page), various models for an open-source measurement software were developed in cooperation with universities. This is used as a basis to implement customer-oriented software for special applications. At the same time, the software serves as a basic framework for developments at the universities. Our software is always tested on our own internal projects in cooperation with our employees.

The latest addition to the growing range of services is the area of measurement system rental. Some of our customers prefer to measure themselves or simply need a replacement device for a short or longer period of time. In addition to our selection of instruments, we also offer the appropriate software. And for our customers who are not so experienced in using the measuring devices, we offer appropriate device-specific introductions and training.

Over the years, a company specializing in precision surveying has become a customer-centered, all-round surveying service provider in the world of mobile 3D measurement technology - and that also thanks to the employees who, through their thirst for knowledge, are constantly expanding their professional expertise and who, through their commitment, organizational talent and unconditional will to complete the project successfully, have shaped and continue to shape the elemental characteristics of this company.

What started as a 3-man company in the innovation centre in Gladbeck in 2001 has grown into a company with 3 locations and 60 employees.

With one location in Northern and one in Southern Germany, regional customers and a fast availability on our part can be ensured.

However, one challenge of our customers remained to have the know-how, which sigma3D offers, also available in China at short notice. Also project agreements and specifics, such as technical details can be better communicated and understood in the native language.

For this reason, we have established a location in China for our customers with a German contact person. Since 2015, the team there has been growing steadily and offers our customers a specialized measurement team in the core business of measurement services in automotive and general mechanical engineering. With over 15 employees, we use the same measurement systems as in Germany. Due to the close coordination between the locations, projects for German customers in China can also be carried out reliably and cost-efficiently. Expensive travel costs from Europe are eliminated and the project process can be handled very stringently with a German or Chinese contact person on site.

Customer satisfaction and employee development.

The focus of our business activities is the satisfaction of our customers. We fulfil customer wishes according to economic principles and in compliance with the recognised rules of technology. Availability, speed and quality are our strengths.

We attach great importance to a constant and trustful contact with our clients and all other companies involved in the execution.

The technical competence of our company is supported by experienced employees and modern 3D measuring equipment. Professionalism, honesty and reliability are a matter of course for us and are lived by every single employee.

High qualifications and regular internal and external training of our employees ensure professional competence and quality of execution. At the same time, these support our efforts towards permanent further development.

Our company pursues team-oriented work in combination with open communication between all employees in the field and in the office.

Even though we opened our location for regional reasons, all of our employees share one passion: travel!

This is one of the reasons our employees tell us when asked why they wanted to join us. Our clients are just regional, but not so our projects - and we love it! Experiencing different cultures, food and excursions is not only an experience for all our employees, it's what makes this job so appealing.

Whether Spitzbergen, Kourou, Chile, Darmstadt or Herne, we are where our customers are!

Even though we are spread over 3 locations, the sigma3D colleagues are one big team. We work with each other across locations and exchange ideas. Project teams are not put together by location, but by core competence and resource optimization for the customer.

In addition to the experience gained through the many different challenges in customer projects, we have also expanded our further training through internal workshops on various technical topics over the years. Here, the younger employees in particular benefit from the "old hands". Where the technical skills acquired through manufacturer training stop, we start with our internal, paxis-oriented further training!

The exchange among each other is also promoted in addition to the work with various team events. This not only leads to an exchange of technical experience, but also to close friendships among each other.

Working in the sigma3D team means (quote team members):

  • "Being one step ahead and providing the customer directly with a solution or answer to their challenges and questions on the spot."
  • "Thinking along! - Seeing work and getting it done, not just waiting for the client to approach you."
  • "Being available at all times for queries even after projects. In no time from anywhere in the world, we are available to OUR clients."
  • "Bringing in solutions and suggestions outside of our actual area of expertise, with experience from many projects often results in pragmatic solutions that work well."
  • "We have now left out all the "self-evident things" like: Flexibility, professional appearance, technical competence, industrial experience, top measuring systems, always the "suitable" additional equipment" with them."
  • Quote from the construction site (... from the customer): " At sigma3D, the measurement technicians and measurement engineers still crawl over the floor in the plants themselves").

  • "... and if things go badly because some planner has forgotten something: You can rely on us 100%. We are there with heart and soul until the project is successfully completed!"

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