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Best possible results and production efficiency - these are the two central requirements for every industrial press. To ensure that these requirements can be met in the long term, the sigma3D team supports you in all metrological challenges of inspection and maintenance.

We bring together the latest measurement technology with our experience from over 400 successful projects in the field of press measurement. From practice we know: Forming metal in various initial states is an easy task for the machine - but the challenges of maintenance are always very special.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Team with practical experience from over 400 projects in the field of press measurement
  • Mobile 3D measurement technology for high-precision and complete measurements
  • Fast and efficient measurements for minimum downtime during repair and maintenance
  • Flexible measurement setup for all types of machines and plants
  • Individual and detailed documentation of results

Successful repair and maintenance

We support you with our measurements regular checks and repairs of your industrial presses. Our goal: Reducing downtimes through efficient measuring processes as well as ensuring permanent quality through early detection of wear and damage. For this purpose, we check the guide rails, press table and press head of your hydraulic or mechanical press in several measuring steps.

When working on guide rails and press table, we ensure that material distortion caused by welding work is detected and can be eliminated by your personnel on site. A final measurement ensures the exact parallelism of the rails to each other and the perpendicularity to the press table.

When measuring the press head, we check that the various bearings and shafts are exactly parallel to each other - and thus also the drive shafts. If machining of the bearing aisles is necessary, we support your employees with multi-stage measurements until everything is running exactly again. In this way, we help you to achieve the most wear-free and durable operation of your industrial press.

Most modern measurement technology

We usually carry out the measurements on your industrial presses with one of our laser trackers: This mobile 3D measuring instrument enables fast and reliable measurements - with an accuracy of 0.01 mm/m. This enables our team to fully digitally record machines of any type and size in order to obtain precise and meaningful measurement data.

Flexible measurement setup

Whether it is a walk-in plant or difficult to access locations - our team has the right measuring equipment for every application. Thanks to a wide range of special equipment such as heavy-duty tripods and a variety of adapters and extensions, we can implement a suitable measuring set-up on site for any situation, however complex.

Complete documentation

At the end of our measurement we discuss the results with you and prepare an individual protocol for you. In it, all measurement results are precisely documented in the form of tables and graphics - including the desired naming of all elements. In this way, you can clearly interpret all results at any time, even months later.

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