Mainz Digital Congress 2022

On Friday, 04 November 2022, this year's Mainz Digital Congress will take place at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz with a focus on digital reality and we will be there as interested visitors and exhibitors.

MADKON22 is organised every year by the IT Klub Mainz & Rheinhessen e.V. and deals with current topics of the digital economy.

As a company of the "real economy", we use digital technologies, especially in the field of laser scanning, and would like to give visitors an insight into the possibilities of modern surveying processes and result presentations by means of photo- and point-cloud-based 2D, 3D and VR presentations in the context of the exhibition accompanying the event.

When it comes to the implementation of concrete projects, we see ourselves as a link between the real world of our industrial customers and the requirements for a modern and efficient representation of the plant and building stock in the digitalised world.