Measurement of a robot cell - high costs due to long machine downtimes?

Measuring the layout of a robot cell is always associated with a high expenditure of time and money. A sentence we often hear. But is it true?

To measure the entire robot cell in a short time with a measuring resolution of 1 millimetre, we used a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS).

For one project, we scanned six robot cells and then created a CAD model. Thanks to good accessibility of the rooms, all cells could be measured quickly, within one day, on-site one after the other.

A cost overview: The layout measurement of a robot cell, including the detailed CAD model creation, amounted to approx. 1,500.-€ for this project. This was significantly less than the customer's expectations.

Of course, we can customize your model according to your needs and display it in different Level of Details (LOD). To provide you with the best possible result, we model the point model into a CAD model.


If you have any questions about the measurement of robot cells, please do not hesitate to write to us personally. We are happy to help!