LaserTracer im Einsatz. Ein LaserTRACER ist ein Tracking-Interferometer.r ist.


A LaserTRACER is a tracking interferometer that can be swivelled vertically and horizontally via two axis drives. Due to its patented mechanical construction, the TRACER has a particularly high stability and axis accuracy. The reference point for the interferometer distance measurement is a high-precision reference steel ball mounted on an invar base. The interferometer unit is located between the reference steel ball and the measuring reflector.

Measuring volume:

The measuring range of the LaserTRACER reaches up to 15m (can be extended at will by mathematical linking).

Accuracy of measurement:

The measurement accuracy of the tracking interferometer is primarily defined by the stability of the ambient conditions. The pure measurement uncertainty for spatial offset measurements (k=2) is: 0.2 µm + 0.3 µm/m. The resolution at 0.001µm


Different software solutions are used to evaluate the TRACER measurements, depending on the field of application:

  • TRAC-CAL for calibration and compensation of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
  • TRACK-CHECK for standard-compliant geometry testing according to ISO 10360-2 for CMM and ISO 230-2, -4, -6 for machine tools.

Rotary axis calibrations can also be performed with the TRAC-CAL module. Position deviations, perpendicularity deviations, axial movements and radial movements can be determined.

Data exchange:

Data exchange is possible via e-mail, ftp server or directly on site. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to send by post and CD data carrier.