Präzisionstachymeter in luftiger Höhe. Ein Präzisionstachymeter ist ein optisches Koordinatenmessgerät.

precision total station

A precision total station is an optical coordinate measuring machine which enables measurements to static targets in large measuring volumes. The measuring points are determined either with reflectors or contact-free. Horizontal directions, vertical angles and also the inclined distance are determined and converted into 3D coordinates.

Measuring volume:

The measuring volume of the precision total station varies depending on the application. The tachymeter can measure distances of up to 300 meters. The measuring volume can be extended at will by means of special measuring procedures.

Accuracy of measurement:

Depending on the measuring volume, the measuring accuracy is U = ± 50 µm (volume < 30m) or U = ± 30 µm + 13 µm/m (volume > 30m). It already contains the tolerance of the measuring ball. ± 30 or 50 µm is a constant value that each measurement has regardless of the distance. 13 µm/m means that the measurement uncertainty increases by 13 µm per 1 meter distance from the device.


For the tactile measurement of components or fixtures we use different software packages depending on the measurement task. sigma3D relies on the software packages Polyworks and Spatial Analyzer.

Data exchange:

Data exchange is possible via e-mail, ftp server or directly on site. Alternatively, it is of course also possible to send it by post and CD data carrier. The latest measuring technology, software and our expertise offer you a highly accurate and digital truth.